Renegade Raceway

Your local track in the Yakima Valley for over 40 years!

Providing over 45 years of ground pounding entertainment

Located on Track Road between Hwy 97 and I-82 in Parker

Voted Most Improved Track of the Year 2012

Photo Gallery

Tessa Southards Conrad Southards Steve Davidson in his Screamin' Volt  Kristen Canatsey
Fred Cook Steve Stormo Cheryl Wentz Dennis Dorsey
Roy Macomber Jr. Chris Meehan Jim Bonner Ryan Widhalm
  Brian Miller Cindy Fluaitt  
Virginia Wright Brian Miller Cindy Fluiatt  Larry Wilhelm 
Mark Harmon 
Mike Nugent Bob Bundy Dave Hill  Mark Harmon 
Scott McLeon David Sosa Devine Steven Meiser
Scott McLeod David Sosa Jim Devine Steven Meiser
John Riddle  Courtney Widhalm  Steven Adair
Benji Martin John Riddle Courtney Widhalm  Steven Adair 
Kerry Kost  Doug Widhalm  
Chris Hill Kerry Kost Doug Widhalm  Ryan Widhalm 
Smokin' Roy Scroggins Vern Widhalm  Tim Laughlin  Pat Neveu
Roy Scroggins  Vern Widhalm Tim Laughlin  Pat Neveu 
Dave Denning James Laitila #6988 Casey Reed
Dave Denning  Dan Ridgley  James Laitila (Blue) Casey Reed  
Matt Driscoll Charles Hamil Ron Richardson Frank Tamez 
Ryan Maygra Bill Wendt  Rich Podszus  Ernie Bartelson
Justin Beardshear    
Justin Beardshear Secret Weapon AA/FC Arctic Thunder  Emily Lewis 
Bob Henrie Joe Berney David Sexton  Tapio Jaakola
Bill Heath Forest Fincher Rob Asbury  Kent Patnode 
Dick Wentz Hary Mahal Mike Setterlund   Mason Asbury and Kurtis Asbury 
Tammy Poole Jim Poole Dick Parker Valerie Hodson
Sam Fogler